Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When You Register the Elective You Want Will Be Full!

Don't worry everybody, all the courses you want to take (or with descriptions) are already CLOSED. Not to worry, they will never be offered again either, and faculty seem to just up and leave without notice. (My older brother who also graduated from the art school can vouch for this and I have already experienced it, Overmeyer (a great graphic design prof.) is probably going to retire in the coming semesters for example).

anyway, according to our lovely assistant dean, Joann McDaniel,

"Some of you have noticed that many of the elective (300 level) studios are capped at 15 students, when the usual number is 20. We have done this in an attempt to provide more equity for all A&D students in class selection. These classes will re-open later this week. There is no waitlist now because having a waitlist would mean we would not be able to re-open the class (thank you, Wolverine Access). Once these classes reopen we will resume the waitlist policy: add yourself to teh waitlsit and when a space comes available I will send you a 24-hour override."

I do not see the logic in this seems like an ill conceived plan to hush many students concerns about registration, while actually doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... Only thing I can see is that it will spice up the wait list so it will not reflect credits/ course standing, and will represent how lucky you were in figuring out the magic date that they will re-open.



Bev said...

This is my new most favorite weblog ever!!!!

William P. Lindloff said...

Want to write anonymously for the blog under any pen name you choose about anything remotely related to the A&D school?? lemme know in the comments section and we will be in touch.

Anonymous said...

I think this was a good idea! com on... we never get any courses we want, this gives us a chance!

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