Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remove Your Mess and Clean Up Your Art

This sculptural piece was spotted in one of the studios. Check out this rude note posted next to it. I like how the sign got defaced ;)! Props to the artist of this piece. Surely not the first or the last to make a mess, but done in style with great craftsmanship. Keep making messy art!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Hype: Grammy Text Posters

...but don't be discouraged, this is what ALWAYS happens in the art world. You will soon notice that everything has already been thought of and you will never have a original idea, but you should try to create your own original process, or at least apply it to something original, why is everybody so obsessed with celebrities anyway? It reads, "The artwork supporting this years show features images of nominated artists madeup of song titles that have influenced them over the years." Vaguely familiar? Grammys maybe?

More Grammy images after the jump...... JUMP

Monday, March 2, 2009

Worst on the Wall

Anyone nice enough to give some constructive critique without drawing tears?

Peeping Tom - Cam Payne. Inspired by Dr. Seuss characters looking at each other through little holes.

See the Monkey Play, Fire Hydrant Explosion - Don Key. Inspired by a weekend of drunk debauchery, executed in the morning before the critique.

Day One : Why....

There are many contradictory things that I have encountered in my short life as an Art Schooler. Art is one field where there is no right or wrong, and you can be sooooo wrong at the same time. You are encouraged to think creatively and abstractly, thus the courses have no content. One required course here is called CFC (concept form and context), and depending on the teacher you get you could literally have a one word assignemnt. For me CFC is a place to be assigned work, or waste time because its impossible to get anything done while the rest of the class is wating time. I agree there is a fine line between too much guidance, and not enough, but in my opinion the school needs to come to a consensus on how they are going to teach, or at least give you enough info to choose for yourself.