Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WTF? #1 - Crazy Course Description

The following is a real excerpt from theA&D_F09_Elective_Courses.pdf :

300 29 Maps and Territories: Creating and Navigating
TTh 7:00

This course explores creating both maps and the real and imaginary territories represented by maps. Both physical and virtual maps are examined. A variety of mapping concepts are introduced and utilized including Global Positioning Systems (GSP).
Prerequisite: A&D major or permission of instructor.

If course descriptions were cruise ship life rafts, this one would be the Titanic’s: insufficient and poorly planned at best, downright stupid at worst. Seriously, I’ve seen patterns pissed in snow more coherent than this. I can’t begin to imagine what “creating imaginary territories represented by maps” means. And what exactly are mapping concepts? Perhaps drawing…if that is even relevant for map-making anymore in the Google-maps/modern era. How about using computers and “Global Positioning Systems” to make maps? Could be, except Global Positioning Systems are actually Global Positioning Satellites, the use of which requires a person to do nothing more than look at a computer screen and manipulate a mouse. Either way, have fun picking classes based on appallingly vague descriptions and your own assumptions. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Michigan School of Art & Design course guide.
by guest writer: Randall Pink

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