Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WTF? #2 - Crazy Course Description

The following is a real excerpt from theA&D_F09_Elective_Courses.pdf :

300 27 Arts and Bodies MW 7:00-10:00pm tba
This course is offered to coincide with the 2009-2010 theme of Arts on Earth. It objective is to develop a wide range of new work across the arts that relates to the human body. Of particular interest is work that connects the arts to other disciplines at the University.
Prerequisite: A&D major or permission of instructor.

This description would be helpful if you enjoy making decisions based on little to no information which may or may not end up biting you in the ass. I have a sneaking suspicion that George Bush’s cabinet had a hand in writing these course guide descriptions. I keep waiting for one of them to say there are WMDs in Iraq. I will be the first to seek the permission of the instructor and sign up for this class so that I can do…oh wait, I have no idea what this class will entail, other than in all likelihood, a mass suicide.
by guest writer: Randall Pink

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