Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WTF? #3 - Crazy Course Description

Real Fall 2009 Elective Course description:

300 30 Creating Outdoors Year-Round in Ann Arbor
MW 1:30-4:30pm tba

This course endeavors to engage the physical elements which typically keep creators working indoors most much of the academic year in Ann Arbor. Rain, snow, ice, fog, cold, darkness are engaged as media rather than obstacles to work around.
Prerequisite: A&D major or permission of instructor.

If the objective of the A&D course guide is to throw as much ambiguously vague bullshit on paper as possible, then this description is the winner. Have fun “engaging with physical elements” like rain, snow, fog, cold and darkness while apparently not learning anything remotely useful like technical skills, practical knowledge, or anything at all. On the flipside, if you like being wet, cold and stupid, then this course is perfect for you. Good luck getting a job when you tell your future employer that you are a master of darkness and fog.
by guest writer: Randall Pink


Rocca said...

There is one exception; if your future employer happens to be Batman looking for a new sidekick. Then being a master of darkness and fog would make you stand out from all the rest of the cape wearing wanna-bees.

jimmy bloniarz said...

fix the kerning in the Fart School logo (unless you wanted it to say F ART SCHOOL) in case you dont know how to do that, go into illustrator, hold the option key, and use the right and left arrows to arrange the letters closer or further from one another. learned that trick in art school

William P. Lindloff said...

Sorry Jimmy, I couldn't figure it out... I missed most of digital one because I could drink for the first time in my life this year.

Anyway, I just decided the site needed a facelift, so I did what pretty much everyone does these days and used helvetica.

Enjoy! ;)D

Ryan said...

I did not learn that either since none of the Digital 1 classes had any sort of uniformity in what was taught. Perhaps I'll learn that in Digital 2. Oh, wait... well at least we have 12 year olds on youtube to teach us such things.

Anonymous said...

This class isn't as bad as you guys make it seem. They have very nice art pieces.

Anonymous said...

LOLZ! Nobody is said the class is bad, the professor just makes it "seem" bad from the description!

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