Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Hype: Grammy Text Posters

...but don't be discouraged, this is what ALWAYS happens in the art world. You will soon notice that everything has already been thought of and you will never have a original idea, but you should try to create your own original process, or at least apply it to something original, why is everybody so obsessed with celebrities anyway? It reads, "The artwork supporting this years show features images of nominated artists madeup of song titles that have influenced them over the years." Vaguely familiar? Grammys maybe?

More Grammy images after the jump...... JUMP

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but one of those is my works and I didn't authorize for you to put my work on the web. This assignment was about making something like the grammy posters. This is an introductory course and we're taught techniques, not necessarily to go out and do our own thing. I ask you to take this down because this work is my copyright and you're risking hurting my job opportunities by bashing it. I'm a photographer and know rules to copyright and what you can and can't put on the web. Before you bash people's work, know the assignment. We are not ignorant ones... clearly you are.

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